4-Application Lawn Program

A Greener, Healthier Lawn Can Be Yours in the Twin Cities

When it comes to creating thick, green lawns, Clearwater Irrigation is now offering a full-service lawn program! Our professional programs and experienced technicians will give you a lawn your whole family will enjoy. Because we’re a local company, we can take the time to get to know you and your individual preferences. Depend on us to deliver what your lawn really needs, when it needs it, all season long.

Clearwater Irrigation’s 4-Application Lawn Program

  • ROUND 1  
    Spring fertilization, crabgrass prevention and broadleaf control bring turf out of dormancy and feed your lawn for 120 days while putting down a barrier for crabgrass and reducing current weed issues. 
  • ROUND 2  
    Early-summer broadleaf weed control will take care of any weeds that have appeared since the previous visit.
  • ROUND 3  
    Late-summer fertilization and spot spray of crabgrass and any other remaining weeds keep your lawn strong through the hottest months.
  • ROUND 4  
    Late-season broadleaf weed control for any weeds that have appeared since the previous visit keeps your lawn beautiful into fall.

4-Application Lawn Program Pricing

5,000 sq. ft. $268 or $67 per application 

10,000 sq. ft. $408 or $102 per application 

20,000 sq. ft. $536 or $134 per application

$50 OFF for New


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