Outdoor Lighting Shorewood

Clearwater Irrigation specializes in lawn care services, but we can also help you make your landscape features stand out. The solution is outdoor lighting. Shorewood residents can highlight any features of their home or landscape that they want with some strategically-placed lighting. There are many types of and styles of lighting, so there's sure to be a style that suits your needs. Let's get started on your outdoor lighting plan today.

Illuminate Your Home & Landscape

If you're looking to take your Shorewood home's exterior up a notch, outdoor lighting can be the answer. Our experts near Shorewood can help you design and install all the outdoor lighting you need. Here are just a couple of ways you can use outdoor lighting at your home:

  • Outdoor Home Lighting: Lighting on your home can help it stand out and add curb appeal. A little bit of light can go a long way. You can install outdoor lighting on your home for practical purposes, like at outdoor seating areas, or you can add it just for aesthetic pleasure. Whatever your needs are, we can get your home lit in no time.
  • Outdoor Landscape Lighting: You spent all that time and money on your landscape, so you might as well show it off! It's easy to design an outdoor lighting plan that highlights all your landscape’s best features, including walkways. Our team of professionals can help you show off your lawn, shrubs and hardscaping with an expertly designed illumination.

Install Outdoor Lighting in Shorewood

If you're ready to install outdoor lighting in Shorewood, give Clearwater Irrigation a call today at 952-470-1994 or Request a Free Consultation.

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