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Are you ready to control your home irrigation system from anywhere in the world? The Rain Bird ESP-TM2 Wi-Fi compatible controller is the ideal option for all your residential irrigation needs. No more returning home to an overwatered lawn because you'd forgotten to adjust its settings before leaving on vacation. The Rain Bird's ESP-TM2 is compatible with the new Rain Bird LNK WiFi module, allowing you to simply plug it in, download the app and control your system from anywhere! It provides simple water saving solutions that are easy to use and maintain. And, these systems are built to last.

Utilize Rain Bird's one-touch manual watering system or tailor your watering schedule to your landscape's specific needs in any season!

Its extra simple programming allows you to:

  • Access your irrigation system with an easy-to-use mobile app
  • Quickly program a watering schedule in just 3 steps
  • Easily save and restore your custom schedule
  • Customize any station to react or not react to a rain sensor
  • Set permanent days off to ensure watering never occurs on those days
  • Reduce or increase watering with Seasonal Adjust
  • Delay watering up to 14 days and automatically resume watering after the set delay has elapsed

With the flexibility of three different programs and four different start times available per program, you are sure to find the right schedule for your lawn's needs. Call Clearwater Irrigation & Water Management to learn more about the Rain Bird ESP-TM2 and how we can make your sprinkler system easier to use and maintain.

Benefits of Rain Bird ESP-TM2 from Clearwater Irrigation

Clearwater Irrigation ESP TM2 Twin Cities

There are many benefits to owning a Rain Bird ESP-TM2. Not only are they compatible existing irrigation systems, they are also dependable and easy to use. They are available in four, six, eight and twelve station models and are suitable for both indoor and outdoor installation. Gain access to your irrigation system anywhere, anytime with this incredible WiFi compatible system.

Rain Bird's stellar reputation of providing high quality irrigation products for over 80 years delivers again with the ESP-TM2, carrying a 3 year trade warranty. And, combined with Clearwater Irrigation's decades of experience, you are sure to get the best quality service available.

Our goal is to ensure that our customers receive the best value, quality and satisfaction from our services. So, please don't hesitate to give us a call when you're ready to have your new Rain Bird ESP-TM2 installed. We can help you easily customize your schedule to keep your landscape lush!

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