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Sprinkler Systems Shorewood MN

Are you in need of a Sprinkler system in Shorewood MN? Then Clearwater Irrigation is your answer. We have been providing sprinkler systems installation and service for over 15 years. We are licensed, bonded and insured to provide you with the best quality service available.

Benefits of Sprinkler Systems in Shorewood

There are many benefits to owning a Shorewood sprinkler system. Not only do they keep your lawn healthy, they also keep them looking great. Below are some other benefits of sprinkler systems:

  1. Sprinkler systems help to keep your lawn and landscape attractive throughout the growing season. Because the system is automatic, you do not have to keep up with a watering routine. Your lawn will always be routinely and evenly cared for
  2.  Sprinkler systems help to conserve water. The sprinkler system turns on and off at specified times, making sure not to waste any water.
  3.  A sprinkler system will help beautify your lawn. It is an easy thing to do to add value to your property. It will overall help you save time and money.
  4. Sprinkler systems are relatively maintenance-free. They require a winterization process at the end of the fall and then a start up in the spring, but other than that the system will run all spring, summer and fall.

In addition to sprinkler systems, we also provide:

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Our Guarantee

We guarantee that your sprinkler system will provide 100% coverage of your lawn.

Wi-Fi Controllers

Are you ready to control your home irrigation system from anywhere in the world? Operate your sprinkler controller from your Smart Phone!

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Freezing Conditions

Click here to learn how to drain your backflow preventer in temperatures are less than 32 degrees.

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