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Trees add so much to our lives not just our landscapes. We enjoy fruit trees for their beautiful spring color as much as the fruit they bear. Leafy, deciduous trees such as maple, oak, and ironwood bring shade and majesty to our homes. Pine and spruce trees provide year-round green color and serve as buffers against winter winds. According to Pinnacle List real estate, mature yard trees increase your property value by 2-5% while good tree cover in an entire neighborhood increases a home’s value by 6-9% and property prices by 10-15%. So, money does grow on trees after all! 

With a full-time arborist on staff, we are your tree experts. If you have an ash tree and are concerned about its health considering the epidemic of emerald ash borer, call us. If you get rust on your apple trees every year, we have a solution. If the tips of pine trees are looking stressed, we can diagnose the problem. 

Finally, keeping your trees well fertilized will make them less susceptible to disease; deep root fertilization may be the right prescription for them. 

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