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Do You Know How Long to Run Your Sprinklers? A "Smart" Controller Does.

Smart controllers take into consideration the temperature, humidity, amount of recent rainfall and other factors to determine when and how long to water. They pay for themselves and work with any system.

It's About MONEY.
Did you know that local utilities have added additional tiers to water rates? The results are in. Smart controllers work, and water savings can range from 15% to 30% while runoff is virtually eliminated. Smart controllers deliver an excellent return on investment to you by incorporating the fundamental elements of water management through water savings. It has been said that you buy the product only once, but you pay for the water every month. Smart controllers pay dividends on your one-time investment every single month. This fact alone is a great reason to consider upgrading your current sprinkler controller.

It's About WATER .

A smart controller automatically calculates how much water evaporates from your yard 24 hours a day. When it is time to turn on, the controller automatically adjusts the run time on each sprinkler zone. In fact, this simple-to-use system even knows the difference between a spray head and a rotating head. We can also program what kind of soil you have
(clay, sand, loam, etc.) since different soils absorb water at different rates.

Conventional controllers accept a time-based setting for every zone. This input can result in over- or under-watering of an area or plant. With a smart controller, the system automatically adjusts based on cool days, hot days, rainy days, windy days or cloudy days.

It's About TIME.
Smart controllers make it possible for the fundamentals of water management to work in harmony. Wise stewardship of precious water resources is not only possible, but simple, affordable and truly automated.

At Clearwater Irrigation, we have been installing smart controllers since 2008. We are factory trained and ready to help you start watering more efficiently. It's about MONEY, it's about WATER, and its' about TIME! Give us a call today to get started.

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